WFU Senior Releases Full Length, Professionally Created Album

By Taylor Borden, Marketing and Communications Intern, Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

image00Here I am, taking a card from the stack called chance…”

Senior Christopher Federici (‘16) initially came to WFU with the idea of shelving his passion for music.

1974250_656577227750914_50070867896492876_oAll of the music he had written with his close high school friends seemed to become irrelevant as they all scattered the US to attend different universities and pursue endeavors ou
tside of music and their band,

A shame, it seemed, as they had enough original, cohesive music to put together an album.

And then Federici came into contact with the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Learning about the possibility for seed grants and funding, he started to think about the band differently.

“Turns go by, as our pieces fall into line…”

1396971_656574414417862_3111975658526062536_oNamed after the Latin term for “ivy,” Hedera’s sound gravitates around garage rock, but is created with jazz-like principles. This fusion makes the group’s music novel and refreshing.

Federici, the group’s frontman and business manager, stated “I was never under the impression that entrepreneurship could include artistic endeavors. Looking at the band as entrepreneurial really opened a lot of doors for us.”

And that it did– the CICE awarded Federici a seed grant– a grant that “funded our first full length professionally created album.”

Federici and his bandmates, after four years of careful long-distance preparation, took a week out of their summers and traveled to Nashville, TN to record their work with WFU alum Derek West at FlyByWest Studios.

“Roll the die, and take back what’s mine…”

image01Hedera’s album, “Helix,” was released on October 22. Considering the distance between the bandmates, Helix is a depiction of their hardwork and dedication to their craft and each other. It is currently being distributed on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.

They are excited about their final product and are appreciative of the CICE as they feel that now “other people could take our music seriously, not just us.”

The interspersed lyrics in this article come from their first single, “Missing Yesterday.” To watch the music video for “Missing Yesterday,” click here. To keep up with Federici and Hedera’s continued growth and success, click here.