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Student Enjoys Internship

Evan BergeltEvan Bergelt is a senior economics major from Pinehust, NC who is finishing up his minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise with an internship at Accusport this semester.

Accusport is a small golf company based out of Winston-Salem that has developed and now sells several highly sophisticated methods for measuring the flight, speed, trajectory, direction and performance conditions of a golf ball. Their products, including the Vector X and Vector Pro, consist of high speed cameras and advanced technology and software in one portable device that easily moves from indoor practices to outdoor pursuits.

As one of only two major companies in the world with this technology, Accusport does business with stores, individuals and golf courses all across the globe.

While interning this semester, Bergelt has worked closely with the CEO, COO and the head of sales of the company doing market analysis for new products the company is pursing.

During the approximate 10 hours a week that Berglet interns he has the opportunity to participate in many strategy meetings with the management of Accusport and has presented his own research and analysis conclusions to the group.

Bergelt attributes the business knowledge he was able to apply to Accusport’s venture primarily to the Foundations of Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning courses he has taken at Wake Forest. Though Bergelt is now planning on pursuing a career in finance or law, he is thankful for the opportunity the entrepreneurship internship at Accusport has provided him with. “It has really broadened my horizons and given me a chance to apply what I learned in my classes to helping develop a real life company,” Bergelt explains.

The most important lessons Bergelt has learned at Accusport will translate into any career. “I saw first hand the importance of networking and making personal connections,” Bergelt says.

Bergelt has also really enjoyed working at a smaller company where the upper management is accessible and perceptive to suggestions from everyone, even an intern. Bergelt says he learned the power of a “collaborative work environment,” and says he has really enjoyed how he is not “just a cog in the machine” during his internship at Accusport. “Anyone in the company can walk into the CEO’s office and have a real 20 minute conversation with him, and I think it is that environment of brainstorming together that really attributes to Accusport’s success.”


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