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New Courses for Spring 2006

New Courses for Spring 2006!

Theatre 290 (but not just for theatre people!)
Creativity and Innovation

What is creativity anyway? Who is writing about it? What do they have to report about this vital human behavior? Can everyone access their creative potential?...This interactive class will leap into the mystery, critically investigating these questions and posing innovative responses. Join the collaboration as we engagte in hands on activities with the express objective of fostering creativity in all aspects of learning, work and life.(3hrs) TR 12 - 1:15 SFAC 121

Business 113 (but not just for business students...this course is designed for liberal arts majors!)
Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Explore the challenges of creating and sustaining new ventures in today’s world. Discover the personal characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Learn about the importance of entrepreneurship to the economy and society and examine how individuals use entrepreneurial skills to craft innovative responses to societal needs. (3hrs) TR 4 - 5:15 pm Kirby 117)

Anthropology 386 (but not just for anthropologists!)
Free Trade, Fair Trade: Independent Entrepreneurs in the Global Mark -

This field-based seminar compares the barriers to market participation experienced by independent entrepreneurs cross-culturally. Free trade policies will be contrasted with fair trade practices, to determine why so many independent producers have trouble succeeding in a globalizing world. (3hrs) MWF 10-10:50 am Tribble-A305

Building a Better Biology Book: The Accessible Textbook Project

Many introductory biology texts are excellent reference books, but ineffective learning tools for the students who use them. In this seminar we will create the prototype for a more effective biology textbook.

Social Entrepreneurship: Doing Good While Doing Well (First Year Seminar)
Are you concerned about social problems like pollution, poverty, global warming, environmental and species destruction, education or civil rights and want to make a difference in the world? This course explores the emerging idea that it is possible for dedicated individuals to champion effectively social change by tapping into free market principles. In this course you will learn and put into practice entrepreneurial skills including how to evaluate ideas to solve social problems, write a business plan, and obtain funding.

ACC780 Accounting and Financial Managment for Entrepreneurs

At an early stage, entrepreneurs discover that they need to tell the financial aspect of their story and be able to communicate this story using standard accounting language. The model for telling the story is a business plan. This course focuses on critical accounting and financial management issues within the business plan such as cash flow planning, measuring market potential, financial statement projections, and identifying capital needs.

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