Fall 2012 New Venture Seed Grant Winners

The Office of Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship

The fall 2012 New Venture Seed Grants have been announced! All of the individuals were required to go through an application process in which they presented their plans and proposals to a grant committee consisting of faculty and administrators.  Nine proposals were selected to receive funding.   Congratulations to these New Venture Grant recipients!

Excetral Caldwell ’14 (Political Science), Gunner Anderson ’14 (Finance), and Peter Bamblis ’14 (Finance) received funding for thecampussocial.com.  This venture is focused around a website that connects student-run organizations with local businesses in the Winston-Salem area. While there is currently a disconnect between different student groups as well as the city community, thecampussocial.com will keeps students informed about on-campus events and off-campus festivals, performances, and sporting events.

Yasin Ali ’14 (Political Science/International Affairs) received a grant to develop the Somalia Diaspora Corps (SDC). The SDC is an organization aimed at involving the Somali diaspora population in the rebuilding of Somalia. Modeled after the Peace Corps, volunteers can work on a variety of projects depending on their expertise and education.

Jimmy Austin ’15, and Peter Cohen ‘15 received funding for Deacon Dogs, a late night hot dog stand that will provide students with another campus food option on the weekends. The stand can be set up at sporting and student events, and outer-perimeter campus housing.

Jake Graham ’13 (Communication), Mari Ishibashi ’13 (Economics), Christina Oelsner ’15 (Business), received funding to organize and present TEDxWakeForestU, an independently student-run TED event designed to stimulate thought-provoking conversations focused around creativity and innovation among Wake students, staff, and alumni, as well as Triad area residents. This not-for-profit, student-driven initiative event will host a variety of inspirational speakers on the Wake Forest campus in February 2013.

Caroline Hales ’13 (English) was awarded a grant to develop Borrow Me Pretty, an internet-based company that allows college girls to profit off of gently worn clothes in their closets. Girls on the same campus can purchase and rent items submitted to the website by other female students at the school. The business was started in September 2011.

Hannah Moredock ’13 (English) and Jay Coble ’13 (Health and Exercise Science) received a grant for Together Life. The Together Life is a non-profit venture focused on creating a virtual and real world community for individuals living with chronic, complex, or life-limiting illness. The virtual community is established through a niche social networking website, thetogetherlife.com. Real world community is developed through members’ participation in local group events.

Cynthia Redwine ’13 (MBA) received a grant for her venture Renewable Energy Design Group, L3c.  This venture provides renewable energy design and integration services to sustainably meet North Carolina’s energy needs. The RED Group currently sources materials, provides detailed schematic and electrical designs, and installs and commissions solar, wind, and micro-hydroelectric systems.

Allen Shafer ’14 (MBA) and Kevin Keller ’14 (MBA) received funding for Fulton & Roark, a premium men’s grooming product company that will sell its high-end products at boutiques across the country. Their first product is a wax cologne that is unique to the market.

Chris Zaluski ’13 (MFA), Kim Dryden ’13 (MFA), and Sam Smartt ’09 (BA), ’13 (MFA) received funding for Wrought Iron Productions (WIP).  Wrought Iron Productions is a not-for-profit video production house, created and managed by graduate students in the Documentary Film Program. WIP is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality storytelling and video production services to the Wake Forest community while offering graduate students entrepreneurial and professional work experience to supplement their academic training.