Design Thinking 

The purpose of ESE 384 / BEM 384, Design-Thinking & High Performance Teams, is to change you! We intend to change the way you think about problems, opportunities, and yourself. More to the point, the intent of this experience is to take you on a journey that will reveal to you the creative genius that lives within, and to provide you with tools that will empower you to impact the world in profound ways.

We will pursue several learning goals during the four months we are together. As a result of the class, we expect that you will:

  • Develop insights and skills that make you a more productive team leader and team member.
  • Develop fluency in design-thinking tools and techniques so that you can leverage your own inherent creativity strengths and help unlock the creativity of others.
  • Understand the elements important in creating an innovative, feedback-rich culture, and be able to foster such an environment wherever you go.
  • Gain more intentionality in the choices you make within team and organizational settings and be in a better position to evaluate potential outcomes.
  • Apply behavioral analysis and feedback to aid others in their quest for better self-awareness and self-management—and in the process improve your own emotional intelligence skills as well.

Beyond these formal objectives, we hope this course gives you a better sense of the difference between intentionality and perception, how much your behavior signals who you are to the outside world, and ultimately, how much positive, creative impact you can have on the folks and organizations around you.