Creativity and Innovation



Innovation and creativity are vital components of entrepreneurship.  The ICE program has always had at its core a focus on stimulating innovation and creativity in our students.  These are some of the current initiatives.

  • Innovation and Creativity events and programs:  Innovation and Creativity at Wake Forest features ground breaking pedagogy, innovative programming, and nationally recognized research and scholarship. In celebration of the 10th year of the ICE Program, Lynn Book planned and implemented the first IF Labs, a Maker Festival at Wake Forest.
  • Pro Humanitech:  Under the direction of Dr. Paúl Pauca, students get involved every year in technology projects focused on helping others. Last year, Team Brad helped Brad be able to access the internet and edit films. Students should contact Dr. Pauca ( if interested in participating in this or other tech-based STEM projects.
  • Design Thinking: We intend to change the way students think about problems, opportunities, and themselves. The intent of this experience is to take students on a journey that will reveal to the creative genius that lives within, and to provide them with tools that will empower them to impact the world in profound ways.