Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Greg Pool


Each year, the Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship sponsors an Entrepreneur-in-Residence who is responsible for advising and coaching student entrepreneurs in their endeavors. We are proud to have Greg Pool as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for this year!

Greg received a BA in Economics from University of South Carolina Honors College and a JD from the Wake Forest School of Law, as well as an MBA from the Wake Forest School of Business. Greg, a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” has been involved with many start-ups and emerging organizations since he was a student.

Greg keeps regular office hours and students may sign up to see him when he is on campus.

  • Click here to set up an appointment with Greg Pool.
  • This year, Greg hosted two workshops on the business of launching an app - one in Fall and one in Spring. Future app workshops will be announced when scheduled.