New Venture Grant Workshops

If you are interested in starting an entrepreneurial venture, then this series of workshops will help you learn the fundamentals. Individuals submitting a New Venture Grant proposal are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND ALL FOUR workshops.

For more information on the workshops, contact Lisa Burton ( at the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.   Information about the Russell D. and Elfriede Hobbs Fund, and the the Chambers Family Fund for Entrepreneurship will also be distributed.

Workshop location 121 Manchester Hall.

FALL 2014 Workshop Schedule

THE CONCEPT:  Defining the value proposition, identifying the target market; and establishing the competitive advantage.
Tuesday, September 9 -- 6pm - 7pm

In order to be successful, a venture needs to have a clear and compelling competitive advantage.  To identify that competitive advantage, it is important to understand and define the value your product or services brings to the market;  and to understand the industry and where the market potential is, to know specifically who the intended target is and why they would be motivated to buy.  This workshop will help you understand how to do this analysis.

THE MODEL:  Deciding the pricing and selling vehicle(s); building the promotion plan; producing and delivering the product or service.
Thursday, September 11 -- 
6pm - 7pm

If you are wondering…How will I price my product? How will I promote my product or service? How will I source and deliver my product or service? What are the key success factors? … then don’t miss this workshop. This workshop will consider the basic elements of the business model and how they work together.


THE FINANCIALS:  Forecasting revenues and costs; identifying funds needed to start and sustain operations; creating a pro forma profit and loss statement.
Tuesday, September 16 --   6pm - 7pm

This workshop will help you understand how to put together the financial model so that the business is sustainable. If you have an idea and are wondering…How much money do I need to get started? How should I set up the model so I have cash to operate the business? How will I ensure that the venture is sustainable? How should I price my product or service to be both competitive and profitable?... then this workshop is for you.


THE PROPOSAL: Telling a compelling story; polishing the written proposal; developing the oral presentation.
Thursday,  September 18--  6pm - 7pm

Often entrepreneurs have great ideas and have a sound business model, but their proposal is not well written and the funding pitch is weak.  Being successful at raising funds is a learned skill and requires training and rehearsal.  This workshop will help you hone your pitch so you will be more likely to be successful in getting the funds your venture idea deserves.