Current Student Ventures

F & RFulton & Roark -- Allen Shafer ’14 (MBA) and Kevin Keller ’14 (MBA) This is a premium men’s grooming product company that will sell its high-end products at boutiques across the country. Their first product is a wax cologne that is unique to the market.


The Campus Social -- Excetral Caldwell ’14 (Political Science). This venture is focused around a website that connects student-run organizations with local businesses in the Winston-Salem area.


Saha SauceSaha Sauces -- Sofian Ahtchi, ’14,  co-founded Saha Sauces, a gluten free, low-sugar, low-sodium, all-natural, all-purpose sauce. Saha Sauces also carries a social mission to deliver nutritious, progressive, and sustainable products for all, and they make it a priority to donate 2.5% of annual profit to Saha Sauces are sold at Wholefoods Market in the Northeast and are on the verge of attaining national and international distribution.

Students HSTSelping Students -- Bill Zandi, '13 (Philosophy).  Students Helping Students was founded in 2005 as a response to the need to help schools affected by Hurricane Katrina. Since, Students Helping Students has helped bring thousands of dollars of school supplies and textbooks to 25 schools.  


Buyback Boss -- Lee Lowden '15 founded Buyback Boss in August 0f 2012, a company that pays cash for used and broken cell phones and tablets, and has since purchased 3,000 old phones in this country and sold them to buyers overseas. He’ll top $1.5 million in revenue in 2013 and $4 million in 2014.


Wake Wash -- Currently under the management of Quentin Robert ‘15, Grant Ruhl ‘14, and Alex Smereczniak ‘14, Wake Wash provides door-to-door laundry and dry-cleaning services for Wake Forest students.  The current owners purchased the company from the second generation owners, Sean Gross '11, Patrick Fives '12 and Sam Richards '12 who purchased Wake Wash from its founders, Scott Graber ('10), Julie Musgrave ('10), and Eleanor Smith ('10) who started the company in 2007.  The company has grown significantly and now boasts a formal partnership with Salem Dry Cleaners as well as several dedicated student employees and a growing list of customers.  For more information please visit:

Somalia Diaspora Corps (SDC) -- Yasin Ali ’14 (Political Science/International Affairs).  The SDC is an organization aimed at involving the Somali diaspora population in the rebuilding of Somalia. Modeled after the Peace Corps, volunteers can work on a variety of projects depending on their expertise and education.