Application Forms & Instructions

PLEASE NOTE:  FALL 2015 Deadline for New Venture Grants and Chambers Grants Proposals is September 15, 2015 by midnight.  AWARD Notifications will be made by Friday, October 2.

Deadline for Written Proposal:  Sept. 15, 2015.
Oral Presentations will be held Sept. 21, 22, 23.

Late applications will not be accepted.


Part 1: Online Application Form 

Part 2: Select the appropriate proposal form below. Please note one is for For-Profit Ventures and one is for Not-For-Profit Ventures. Upload to online application when completed. 

For-Profit Proposal Form                                  Not-For-Profit Proposal Form

Part 3: Oral Presentation Sign Up Sheet.  Please sign up for a timeslot to present.

Faculty: New Course Development


Applications for seed grants are accepted twice a year.  In the Fall, applications are due in late September/early October, and in the Spring, in February.  See specific deadline above.  Award recipients may reapply for subsequent awards but must include a detailed progress report on what they have accomplished with their prior award.

Applicants are expected to complete the online application and to upload to that a completed proposal.  The completed proposal is the meat of the application.  Specific instructions on completing the proposal are included with the proposal form.  Links to both the online application and the completed proposal are at the top of this page.

Any student or team of students submitting a proposal should also prepare a compelling 5-7 minute oral presentation to be made to members of the Grant Committee.  Timeslots are offered on three consecutive evenings following the submission of the written proposal.  A link to the sign-up sheet is provided above.  Please be sure to sign up for a presentation slot. 

Students submitting proposals must include a signed statement from a faculty advisor stating that they are willing to provide guidance to the student on the venture or project. 

Successful proposals for projects and ventures will closely adhere to the guidelines set out in the proposal application document.