GEW Events at WFU

Global Entrepreneurship Week

2015 Global Entrepreneurship Week  will take place November 16 - 20, 2015

If you would like to get schedule an event or get involved in helping to put on events and activities that celebrate innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, please get in touch with the E-Society President, Austin Evers.


The following are some activities and events that have taken place at WFU in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week in the past:


Tribute to WFU Entrepreneurs
At the north end of the Manchester Plaza, or around Hearn Plaza, there are signs that celebrate a few of WFU's entrepreneurs.  As can be seen from the signs, they majored in different disciplines, but they all had one thing in common, a passion for an idea to start a venture.

Entrepreneurship Luncheon
Students of the Entrepreneurship Society and Faculty Entrepreneurs join together over lunch for a casual discussion of shared entrepreneurial interest. This event is by invitation only.

Creativity & Entrepreneurship Book Launch Reception  An event toasting the publication of a new book by Lynn Book and David P. Phillips, Creativity and Entprepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life (Elgar, 2013).  There was an accompanying Innovation Exhibition featuring the book in the ZSR Library display cases during GEW week as well.

Blue Sky Forum:  Where Local Meets Global to Crete the Future
Local entrepreneurs and leaders discussed how innovations in the arts, sciences, agriculture and social enterprise can connect for a better future.  Speakers included:
Gary Beckman - Arts, Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts
John Bryan - Creativity in Urban Entrepreneurship
Natasha Gore - Diversifying New Communities through Social Media
Nick Hristov - Science Innovation Across Borders
Salem Norflett Neff - Fresh Ideas in Food, Farms and Local Economies

Everyday Innovations: An Exhibition of Design Thinking
In this exhibition, idea books and prototypes from the students of the Creativity and Innovation Studio course, taught by Lynn Book, showed how they (re)designed something in their daily life to improve, elaborate, or otherwise heighten human experience.  They then 'translated' their daily design innovations for someone in another part of the world whose needs are dramatically different than their own.

The Entrepreneuship Society's E-Market
Student entrepreneurs were on hand to sell their wares in front of the Pit in the open-air E-Market. Student entrepreneurs across campus convened to offer their products for sale and talked about their ventures and lent some help in finalizing your holiday shopping list.

Featured Speaker: Mike Reiss
Sponsored by the Student Union and the Entrepreneurship Society, American television comedy writer, Mike Reiss, will spoke to an audience of student entrepreneurs and innovators. As a writer, Reiss has worked on many productions, including The Simpsons.

i2i Competition
A new competition was held that encouraged and celebrated innovation and creativity in the service of generating commercial, social or cultural impact.  We believe innovation leads to the implementation of novel valuable ideas.  This competition was called the Inspiration to Innovation (i2i) Competition and it encouraged participants to take concepts that already exist in nature, science, the arts or business and consider how the principles might apply to an opportunity identified in a different context.