Annual Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards Banquet

Each year in the spring, we hold an annual Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards Banquet This is an invitation-only banquet co-hosted by the the e-Society and the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and was created to celebrate the achievements of students, faculty, staff and an entrepreneurial member of the Wake Forest community.  This year the Annual Banquet was held on APRIL 24, 2014.

The Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award recognizes an individual (a Wake Forest Alum, Parent or close connection) who has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, achievement, and social responsibility. This individual receives the prestigious award and delivers an inspirational keynote talk. 

Recognition Awards are also given to students, faculty and staff for extraordinary achievements in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.  Student awards will recognize individuals who embody the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial spirit in thought and action and / or who have launched new ventures in the Scientific, Artistic, On-line, Commercial, Social, Mobile, Musical, or Technical Venture categories.  Click here for the Recognition Award Nomination Process.

Faculty and staff recognition awards will be given for significant contributions to the development of new entrepreneurship programs, for incorporating innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship into liberal arts courses, and for student mentoring.

The Russell D. and Elfriede Hobbs Award for Entrepreneurial Achievement will also be given to students and faculty.  There are two student awards and one faculty award of $2500 each.  Click here for the Hobbs Award Nominations.