Congratulations to the 2016-17 Deacon Springboard!

Congratulations to these students who were accepted into the first annual Deacon Springboard! Click here to read more about the Deacon Springboard process.

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Brooke Einbender – Art Rental for Students by Students is an art rental service for college students who want to dart-rental-for-students-by-students-brooke-einbenderecorate their room, but do not want to pay a lot of money for artwork. We would partner with student artists to allow Wake Forest students to rent framed prints of their original artwork. On our website, each artist creates a profile consisting of their artist statement and high resolution images of their artwork. Students who want to decorate their room choose the art they want from our online catalog. We deliver the high resolution framed print to their doorstep that’s ready to hang. Framed prints allow students to acquire good art at a college-budget price. When the student is ready to change out their art print, they can exchange it for a new piece from our catalog.


Ryan Godwin – Automatic Molecular Dynamics (AutoMD) is dedicated to bringing its customers the most accurate, intuitive software on the market for producing and analyzing molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. This cutting-edge drautomd-ryan-godwinug discovery tool will leverage the power of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) and machine learning techniques to elucidate of essential mechanisms of action, providing critical details regarding potential drugs and their targets. AutoMD includes a centralized database to streamline comparative investigation and optimize data recall, a well-tested software architecture to ensure reliable operation, and an extensible and flexible development scheme to streamline future development. AutoMD is here to help you science!



Kathryn Webster and Kyla Tucker – Beyond Borders encourages adults to see life through a different lens. Combining cultural, educational, service, and leadership experiences, curious people grow and learn together in nations abroad. This non-profit aims to partner the disabled community with non-disabled adults to travel the world and reflect in a way that is unique to each person. We focus on breaking down the stigma of disability, and empowering our
participants to build relationships with individuals both in the states and with our collaborative partners overseas.


ez-cork-arthur-willson-and-hannah-showsArthur Willson and Hannah Shows – SimpullCork is an innovative wine opening solution that eliminates the need for additional tools and aftermarket wine stoppers. Using an integrated loop system, SimpullCork allows easy removal of wine corks without damaging the cork.


Sophie Hollis – Meta Designs clothing is for the practical, modern woman. The contrast in functionality between men’s and women’s clothing inspires us to promote gender equality by creating designs with useful pockets for women. We also commit to giving part of our profits to support women’s education. We hope to grant women further autonomy with clothing that is both inventive and refined by empowering them to hold their own (stuff).



Nick Hanna – Nightlife Analytics looks to bridge the gap between strategic marketing efforts and attribution for nightlife venues by combining innovative cell phone tracking technology with market leading data analysis. Our product provides consumer insights and predictive services for our clients helping them optimize promotions to maximize profits. Nightlife Analytics provides the hardware and installation for tracking in addition to the back end platform for data analysis to give every client a strategic advantage over their competitors.


Bailey Greenberg – The Portal Pocket Tee is a t-shportal-pocket-tee-bailey-greenbergirt with a decoy pocket that allows cancer patients to provide easy access to their chest ports while receiving chemotherapy infusions. The portal pocket tee is a unique, affordable and practical alternative to hospital gowns, nudity or overly-expensive clothing.



Caroline Magee – RoomEase is an app designed like popular dating apps with a user profile and swiping feature that allows young professionals and recent grads to find the best roommate possible. The profile allows users to specify what matters to them, whether that’s sticking to a budget, making sure dishes are always washed, or even that they have a pet. Users are matched based on location preference and then swipe to learn and connect with possible roommates. RoomEase is easy to use, safe, and fun!


Youssef Albanawi, Moises Castano, Christian Kissinger, and Daniel Van de Star – Tracer is a micro-GPS tracking device that attaches to valuables of all kinds such as credit cards and IDtracer-youssef-albanawi-moises-castano-daniel-van-de-star-christian-kissingers. Tracer employs one of the smallest tracking devices developed by Rakon. Once attached to a credit card, users can track it from an integrated smartphone application on a minute by minute basis. Tracer can easily be attached/detached to the smallest of valuables without hindering their functions. For the regular traveler, college student and professional who frequently misplace/lose their credit cards (valuables), Tracer makes sure that users always locate their valuables in all sorts of situations.



Lauren Miller and Olivia Wolff – UpDog Kombucha is a kombucha microbrewery started in a Wake Forest dorm room and now an operating business in Winston-Salem, NC. We produce kombucha, a fermented tea that is packed with beneficial probiotics, enzymes and acids that support digestive health. We are currently producing over 125 gallons of kombucha per week and selling in bottles and kegs at fourteen different locations, including coffee shops, restaurants, bars, yoga studios and farmers markets. We are currently working on expanding our distribution and developing more efficient brewing practices.

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