Transforming Lives through HerSpace, Inc.

By Allison Durham Brittani Chavious, a third-year Divinity School student and social entrepreneur, came to Wake Forest with a non-profit she founded back home in Cincinnati, Ohio. While at Wake, she’s worked with the ICE program to expand HerSpace, Inc., an organization devoted to inspiring confidence and purpose in teen girls. Through the ICE program… Read more »

Project Haiti Tackles Trash Contamination

  By Allison Durham What if you created a venture that could solve a national problem? Wake Forest law student Lhens Vilson’s venture is dedicated to increasing the quality of living for an entire country! Check out his project here: As a Haitian native, Vilson has always had the desire to see the country prosper…. Read more »

Student Creates Visual Collaboration Space and Market for Artists

By Allison Durham If you could start your very own business, what would it be? Senior Bella Belanich proves that a single idea can evolve into a venture. See how selling her service and targeting the right audience helped her chase her dream! Belanich ,’14, is the co-founder and CEO of CinemaRama, an online collaborative… Read more »

This App Will Let You Know When the Miller Center’s Full

By Allison Durham If you could change one thing on this campus, what would it be? Sophomore Tommy Vater identified a pain point on the Wake Forest campus and created an app to fix it! Have you ever wanted to know how busy the Miller Center is before making the walk over? Tommy Vater, ’17,… Read more »

Performance Tells the Story of Collaboration and Innovation

By Allison Durham On Nov. 5,  The Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center (IPLACe) and Professor Thomas E. Frank’s ESE 100 (Creativity and Innovation) class sponsored the performance, “Black Mountain Summer of 1948: A Collaboration in Arts and Imagination” which explored the practice of multiple art forms in a single space. This event was… Read more »

Joe Callahan: Why Entrepreneurship is Vital to Our Country’s Economic Stability

By Allison Durham On Oct. 23, Joe Callahan, founder of Ciright Digital Media, addressed an audience of aspiring Wake Forest entrepreneurs. Callahan emphasized the need for business awareness, the importance of using your time efficiently, the business ecosystem, the human element of a startup and the technology roadmap. “Being an entrepreneur is all about managing… Read more »

Lyle Estill Discusses Entrepreneurial Home Runs

By Allison Durham  “I like to think of my businesses in terms of baseball,” Lyle Estill began. “I either have a strikeout, a base hit or a home run.” On October 9, Estill, a leading author, activist and social entrepreneur, shared his story about transitioning from one new business to the next, which he’s done… Read more »

Putting Pro Humanitate into Practice

By Allison Durham A group of Wake Forest University students, known as “Team Brad,” are putting Pro Humanitate into practice. Team Brad began when Jacob Carah, ’14, a Documentary Film Program graduate student, met Brad while volunteering with a program that provides job training skills to area residents with disabilities. Brad, a 20-year-old Clemmons native… Read more »

Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at WFU

By Laura Mazurak This is a year of celebration as it marks the 10th year of Wake Forest University’s commitment to education and opportunities in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to all students. This 10-year milestone provides the occasion to highlight the achievements of the past and to envision the potential of the future. Throughout the… Read more »

Fall 2014 Seed Grant Recipients Announced!

The fall 2014 New Venture Seed Grants have been announced! All of the individuals were required to go through an application process in which they presented their plans and proposals to a grant committee consisting of faculty and administrators. Ten proposals were selected to receive funding to help students with marketing and prototype or product… Read more »