Basic Outfitters: From Shark Tank to Deac Tank

By Taylor Borden, Marketing and Communications Intern, Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

After getting married in 2014, Michael and Laura Dweck moved into a cozy New York apartment.

The only problem for the newlyweds?

There wasn’t nearly enough space to house all of Michel’s vast and old collection of socks and underwear. Laura wanted to rebuild a smaller collection of fresh, new basics for him, but found that one pair of underwear typically costs $28.

Wishing there was a simple process to just “buy a whole new drawer,” Basic Outfitters was born.

The Dwecks understood the white space in the market and built the company by selling quality basics at a reasonable price in modular packs, through a feature they call “Create-A-Drawer.”

Providing Tommy Hilfiger quality basics and Hanes prices is no easy feat—but their current success is already a testament to their idea and execution.

Basic Outfitters was just featured on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. .01% of interested business make it onto the show—which involves nine months of business boot camp, getting filmed, and then hopefully, getting aired.

.01% of interested businesses make it onto Shark Tank—which also involves 9 months of business bootcamp, getting filmed, and hopefully, get aired.

Their episode aired this January and has brought about an “incredible reaction,” even pushing the duo to begin working on a women’s version of Create-A-Drawer as well.

The Dwecks will be speaking at WFU’s very own Deac Tank on March 21 in Benson 401 at 6:00PM. They will share their journey, speak about their Shark Tank experience, and impart wisdom on our young entrepreneurs.