Faculty Seminar

In order to create campus leaders in entrepreneurship, we offer faculty members a faculty seminar that focuses on the intersection of their discipline and entrepreneurship. This on-campus semester-long faculty seminar in entrepreneurship is offered in the spring semester of each year. Faculty members who are selected to participate in the seminar are provided a stipend and are expected to design a course or an entrepreneurial project as their deliverable. Fellows who want to facilitate a seminar can apply for additional off-campus training. Stipends and training costs are provided.

For more information about Faculty Fellowships, Seminars, and Workshops offered in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, contact:
Dr. Bill Conner, Faculty Director
(336) 758-5315


Faculty Seminar Spring 2011

Faculty Seminar on Engaging Creativity in the Liberal Arts

Hosted by the Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Wake Forest University, Spring 2011

Principal Investigator/Seminar Leader – Lynn Book, Senior Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Dance, Associate Director of Creativity for the Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

This seminar is intended to enhance teaching, research, scholarship and professional activities of WFU faculty from across the university by providing fresh insights for and new approaches to engaging creativity and innovation.

Creativity will be considered as an object of inquiry including theories and history of creativity as well as best practices and novel activities in creativity, innovation and design process and application will be explored.

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