Paúl Pauca, Ph.D.
Faculty Director, Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Lelia and David Farr Faculty Chair of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
Associate Professor of Computer Science

We are excited to welcome Dr. Paúl Pauca as the new faculty director of the ICE Program!  Dr. Pauca is also a '94 WFU alum.  Professor Pauca's specialized interests are in computational imaging science, data analysis, mobile computing, and entrepreneurship with applications in space surveillance (detecting and identifying man-made objects orbiting the Earth), remote sensing through LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging, biometric identification, and human-computer interaction for disabilities.  

Pauca was named one of the top 20 NBC Latino Innovators of the year in 2012. His interest in mobile computing and entrepreneurship arose from the tremendous need he saw in local schools for children with disabilities for modern and affordable assistive technology, particularly associated with speech and communication.  

Through his research and teaching work, Professor Pauca and his students have been turning mobile devices and wearable sensors into assistive tools for people with disabilities. His initial work, an iPhone/iPad app called Verbal Victor, has been featured in media outlets nationally and internationally. He is passionate about helping students discover computer science through hands-on experimentation, teamwork, and an applications-first approach.
Pauca is recently helped lead the 1-credit STEM Incubator initiative as a "low-stakes" entry point for underclassmen and non-computer science students to explore computer science through real-world applications and hands-on problem solving.