ICE Program Administration Faculty and Staff

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship includes faculty from across the University who are closely affiliated with the program, most of whom offer courses for the Minor.  These faculty members serve as advisors to the Faculty Director and help ensure the academic standards and rigor of the program.  Additionally, they serve as sponsors within the University to encourage the propagation of the program and its elements, and the continued commitment of the College.  We are very blessed to have their support and dedication, because without them the program would not be what it is today. 

The members are listed below with links to their departmental faculty pages.

Polly Black, Communication and Entrepreneurship

Dan CohenEntrepreneurship

Bill Conner, Biology

Jan Detter, Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship

Michele Gillespie, History, Dean of the College

Ben King, School of Business

Jed Macosko, Physics

Stan Mandel, School of Business

Paul Pauca, Computer Science

David Phillips, Humanities

Greg Pool, Entrepreneurship

Bren Varner, School of Business