Gordon HesterGordon Hester has been the CEO for Roberti Enterprises for the last 25 years.  There are primarily two components of his job – the management of Jeff Roberti’s Juice Plus business and the management of Jeff Roberti’s financial affairs.  Jeff is a legend in the Direct Selling Industry.  With an industry that has had over 1.2 billion distributors over the last 20 years, Jeff is in the top ten biggest Direct Selling enterprises in the world.  Jeff’s organization has over 75,000 independent global distributors doing in excess of $300 million in annual sales.

In addition, for over two decades, Gordon has done consulting for the global management team at Juice Plus, Inc. In his consulting capacity, his primary roles have been solving leadership and operational challenges.  Often, this has required him to take a leadership role in order to drive cultural transformations.