Dhruva RajendraDhruva Rajendra graduated from Wake Forest with a BA in Political Science. Upon graduation, he joined CTIS, a health informatics company, as an analyst. Eventually, he became the Innovation and Strategy Officer, where he worked on business development, strategy and product development. He has led and/or worked on teams with multiple Fortune 500 clients, including Qualcomm, UnitedHealth and others. After CTIS, Dhruva began to pursue projects as an independent consultant, which led to co-founding Latch, a company focused on designing disruptive access control platforms. After developing a sales pipeline and helping Latch secure a seed round of financing, Dhruva left to join VendorIQ. VendorIQ is focused on disrupting the supply chain for SMBs, and is led by the co-founders of Priceline.com and Zaarly.com.