ballard-castlemanBallard Castleman is currently the CEO at CIS Group of Companies in Southlake Texas. Castleman’s previous roles include Corporate Development Officer at Palm Beach Tan, Inc., President at EFO Holdings, L.P., and Vice President of the Corporate Finance Group at Heller Financial. Castleman is a highly successful executive officer of growth companies with extensive experience in strategy, building management teams, mergers & acquisitions, and CFO functions. Prior to company management, Castleman built a successful investment career as well.

Castleman currently serves on the boards of CIS Group of Companies, Melbourne Greyhound Park, and the Wake Forest University Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Previous board appointments include NTE Aviation, LLC, Navigator Telecommunications, LLC, Palm Beach Tan, Inc., Waste Corporation of America, Security Savings Bank, LLC,, Inc., Blue Dog Gaming, Inc., Psycor Holdings, Inc., S&E Holdings, Inc., and SPA Drilling, Inc.

Castleman received his MBA from the University of Texas, Graduate School of Business and his BA in History from Vanderbilt University.