Our Vision

Every Wake Forest student will have an innovative, creative and entrepreneurial mindset that empowers them to take initiative, be resourceful, and persevere in the face of challenge.


Our Mission

To create and sustain an educational environment that inspires and equips Wake Forest students to become innovative thinkers, value creators and entrepreneurial leaders.

Progress comes not only from facing forward, but also from having both the drive and support with which to move forward.  The program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University generates and sustains an environment that fosters innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial bias for action across the entire campus community. 

We seek to make innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship an integral and enduring part of the liberal arts college experience.  Our University Statement of Purpose defines liberal arts as: “…education in the fundamental fields of human knowledge and achievement, as distinguished from education that is technical or narrowly vocational. It seeks to encourage habits of mind that ask 'why,' that evaluate evidence, that are open to new ideas, that attempt to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others, that accept complexity and grapple with it, that admit error, and that pursue truth.”  We believe that innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are consistent with the habits of mind that are part of this liberal arts philosophy.

President Hatch"Wake Forest is expected to be on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity.  We are called to prepare leaders for a world that knows dizzying change.  The way students connect and learn is vastly different than in previous generations.   And we are called to prepare them for leadership in a world that demands innovation — in science, technology and medicine, as well as in government, the professions and corporate life.”

“ Entrepreneurship flows naturally out of an atmosphere where students have long been encouraged to pursue their own thoughts and dreams and creativity.”

- President Nathan Hatch

Any Student, Any Discipline, Any Time!

The Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University helps students turn ideas into action, transforming "I wish I could" into "I know I can!" Through this effort, we seek to enlighten Wake Forest students in all disciplines about their individual and collective abilities, to encourage them to create their own pathways in life, and to use their innovative, creative and entrepreneurial skills on behalf of their communities as well as societies throughout the world.