Craving some delicious handcrafted kombucha?

Look no further than UpDog Kombucha, started by Wake Forest's own, Lauren Miller ('17) and Olivia Wolff ('16)!  Read more about their success in the Old Gold & Black here!

Photo credit: Adrian Martino

Revolutionizing how to open a bottle of wine...

That is what EZ Cork co-founders, Arthur Willson and Hannah Shows, set out to do. The result is an innovative bottle opening system that is fully integrated into the cork. No corkscrew required...and it's wine-friendly!

EZ Cork has a brand new website! Check it out here.

Photo credit: Ann Nguyen

The Sorority Shoelace Collection...only at Loopey Laces!

Tommy Worcester and Tim Collis, both finance majors ('17) at Wake Forest University, started Loopey Laces as a way for sorority sisters to fully customize their Converse Chuck Taylor shoes - including the shoelaces Visit their website here to see the entire Sorority Collection!

From Styrofoam to Food

Dr. Bill Conner's Biomimicry students use mealworms to address the global problems of food insecurity and plastic pollution. Read more here!

Congratulations to the 2016 ICE Award Winners!

On Thursday, April 21, the ICE program held its annual Awards Celebration. Dr. Bill Conner was recognized for his outstanding support of entrepreneurship, and alumni Ricky Van Veen was presented the Excellence in Entrepreneurship award. Six students were recognized for their outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship: Lauren Miller, Olivia Wolff, William Wang, Arthur Willson, Kurt Walker, and Keshav Daga. Click here to read more about each award winner!

Meet William Wang, founder of The Media!

During the fall of 2015, William Wang launched The Media, an online, student-run organization that provides credible digital content about Wake Forest University for potential international students. For his accomplishments, William recently received the Chambers Family Fund Student Award for Entrepreneurial Achievement. Read more about William's accomplishments here!

Ricky Van Veen, 2016 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award Winner!

Ricky Van Veen, co-founder of CollegeHumor and Vimeo - and '03 graduate of WFU - was presented the 2016 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award by Provost Kersh during the ICE Awards Celebration. Ricky and Provost Kersh had a "fireside chat" where Ricky was able to share his accomplishments, advice, and of course, plenty of laughs!

Click here to read more about Ricky and the ICE Awards!

Wake Forest Ranked the #9 Best College for Students with Entrepreneurial Leanings

Students with ESTP personality types are often regarded as "smart, perceptive, energetic, bold, and original." These risk-taking entrepreneur-like students thrive in universities that promote learning by doing. Wake Forest was recently ranked #9 by DegreeMatch for ESTP personality types based on cost of attendance, other rankings, ESTP degree and major options and accreditations, and a small learning environment that promotes leadership skills and social interaction. Read more here

Photo Credit: Seattle Post Intelligencer (Gerry Broome, AP) 

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