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Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts

The Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to complement and enrich the first-class liberal arts education provided at Wake Forest by educating and inspiring entrepreneurial leaders through engaged teaching, coaching and mentoring within a robust and vibrant entrepreneurial culture. We graduate students who have honed their analytical and critical thinking skills by experiencing the entrepreneurial life cycle. They will move from idea to concept, venture to scale and then to harvest, adding value to society, locally and globally.


Three exciting programs are offered to compliment and extend the core curriculum here at the Center for Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to provide the opportunities, tools, resources, coaching and mentoring necessary to create or launch an idea, to start or scale a business, and more!


“Prior to Startup Lab, I believed that the most successful entrepreneurs were just lucky or just in the right place at the right time. But through Startup Lab, I learned the specific method that entrepreneurs go through including customer discovery and validating your idea, which ultimately leads to your success.”

George PapakonstantinouClass of 2018

“… we had a whole team of people behind us wanting to see us succeed. Not only was the Center for Entrepreneurship supportive of our venture, but they gave us invaluable resources such as networking opportunities, access to grants and seed capital, and classroom learning opportunities…”

Lauren MillerClass of 2017UpDog Kombucha

“… it wasn’t until I became involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship that I discovered my true passion for entrepreneurship. I’ve been fortunate enough to engage with the phenomenal faculty and mentor network of the center through launching my first venture, SimpullCork…”

Arthur WillsonClass of 2019SimpullCork

“… After starting UpDog Kombucha, the Center from Entrepreneurship really helped me delve deeper into the psychology of business and how business relationships work… I love being an entrepreneur because it has taught me to have a thick skin, how to cultivate meaningful relationships with my customers and how to push myself in all aspects of my life.”

Olivia WolffClass of 2016UpDog Kombucha

“Startup Lab was my on-campus entrepreneurial hub– it was an opportunity to connect with impassioned students and learn from experienced entrepreneurs.”

Jake Teitelbaum


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The Center for Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University is here to enthusiastically support you in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

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